The Cat House

Andy sent me a listing from Caldwell Banker in Arizona--for 240,000 USD you can get a 20 acre spread in the Arizona Desert, 2 beds, one bath, but a lot of square footage--2,500 sq feet. Difficulty: it's a log cabin. Painted in primary colors inside. As the listing states,

If you love cats this is the home for you! If not bring your sandblaster! Custom build, hardwood kitchen cabinets (Oak, Lacewood, and Bocote) artistically accented with river rock. Cat walkways and in great room Medieval cat castle with different levels (stone). All interior doors custom built (wood). Must see to believe it does exist!!! Once in a lifetime find extremely fun home!

I think that if you did bring your sandblaster, you might indeed find a really nice house under the thousands and thousands of cats and cat products; there is good wood, nice stone accents, and big windows. But OMG the layer of cat is intense:

And the large bath:

I hope that is a throw rug and not glued down....
Anyway, go click on the link and enjoy the 42 photos of someone's cat paradise. It could be that once the paint is scraped off you would have a showplace, and for the size and space it's not a bad price. You will want to check for air conditioning, though, I forgot to look.