Impldoll Cecelia Black Shadow

Since I moved my Iplehouse Doria head onto the Fantasia body, I had an empty Iplehouse EID body, which was a problem--the neck mushrooms out a little, so you need either a regular random boy head, or another EID girl head to fit that specialized neck. I've given up trying to find a Iplehouse Rebecca head, but I did find a cheap Impldoll Cecelia Black Shadow head on the Den of Angels Marketplace. I knew the Impldoll Idol line the EID size girls, and I was hoping the neck would fit..and it does!

See how big that neckhole is! It goes on fine and the head moves naturally on the neck. The color isn't perfect, but I think that is because the head is so new--Doria was very pink when she was new.

Her faceup still needs some lip correction and glossing, and she needs eyelashes and a wig. I was sort of interested in Scarlett, now that Iplehouse had re-released the Carved Heritage girls, but I think I like Cecelia a little better, and the price was much better. I think I will make her into the same sort of "Pirate Lass" that Impldoll saw her as, but of course her faceup is different from the factory's:

Aaand now like everyone else, she needs clothes :D