The Girl's Closet (warning, a fuzzy spider)

I needed to clean out the closet where the girl dolls hang out--I had remodeled it a couple of years ago to have extra shelves and a vinyl floor (making it easier to clean than carpet), and as the dolls were out anyway, I would take a few pictures. It's a good time to check for missing pieces and make a list of who needs what. There are a few girls missing from this photo--two that are not fully complete (missing parts) and two that are boxed up for the Museum of Soom I have going in the basement, one doll that I am considering selling, and one that is visiting the boy's closet for reasons unknown (probably space considerations; the girls closet is packed tight.) It's not a great group shot--I felt that some of them were a little precarious and my assistant doll wrangler is in Philly. When she comes back out in July we might do a new shoot and I will clean up things like the catbox lid and toys you can see here, and set up the space properly for the best lighting. Here are a few close-ups:

Ziggy, Loongsoul Zi Gui

Anastasia, Soom Dark Moon Beryl

Granado Fayette, Soom Cass, Fairyland Seian

Camigwen, Soom Alex

Claudia, Granado Venus

Coral, Soom Migma, Sicktress body

Isley, Granado Venus, Soom Vesuvia body

Iplehouse Luna

Marilyn, Iplehouse Jessica

Samaria, Soom Galena

Souldoll Swinte, Soom Vesuvia, Magic Mirror Studios Siobhan

Sophie Cushion, Soom Beryl

As I was putting the dolls away I happened to look at Stella and thought "I don't remember putting any jewelry on you." So I went over to take a look and it turns out that Stel had found her own ornament (eek!):

I didn't mess with it--though those Phidippus spiders think I am Mighty Tasty, they also eat ants and I have too many ants. I kept picking up and putting away other dolls until the spider decided it was bored and went off to find a snack elsewere. Here's what it looks like up close:

It's ...almost...cute.

And speaking of bugs, I finally found a "Tail Friendly" chair for my Vesuvia, Selket:

She even has shoes now, though of course I didn't think to put them on her for the photo. Most of the girls have shoes at this point, though I am not good about rounding them up and applying them appropriately.