Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Your Brain on Kittens


  1. Having just rescued and had to let go of yet another kitten with Me-dar, I want someone to do a study on how kittens spot suckers like me. They will walk a mile to climb up on my truck meowing loud enough to wake the dead and traumatize Tama for hours while we wait for the shelter to open. He is convinced that kittens are the face grabbing alien spawn, even though he pulled the same stunt on hubby! Love this study, though! Showed the post to the librarian in charge of putting up the adoption pics. She tortures me, lol!

    1. Because kittens know. Usually by now someone has adopted us, but this neighborhood has hawks so there are almost no cats out and about :( I figure eventually someone will hand one to us. :D


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