Souldoll Agnes--Light and Dark

Souldoll is getting ready to release a new Zenith girl--so far all the shots show her in pale blue, so I
have no idea what other options you will have. But you can see the Romantic Eye Dark Agnes on the left and Open Eyed Light Agnes on the right. Both are gorgeous and it looks like you can order the armor as a standalone soon. I'm waiting to see how much it will be--I know there will be a 4 month wait at least for it, but it will fit Tanglewyn my Souldoll Paratiisi. I think I would have to also buy a Sword Hand (hopefully not blue) to have her be able to hold the sword. Here's a closeup of Agnes' face:

It's a nice faceup! I like the eyes, too. Here's a full view of the Light Armor:

The photos are so nice :D