Friday, June 29, 2018

Iris, Complete; and Thistle and Shannon

I will take more photos today; I have had her sleeping plate for ages, but not the complete Steam Age Celine--then Rosaline listed her on Den of Angels and I was so excited to see her, since the Open Eye version is the missing match to the sleeping plate! Here's Iris with closed eyes:

You can see it is the same professional faceup. The Moe body is pretty fun--it's a nice 60 cm size and light compared to my Super Gem girls. Weight is starting to be my new criteria for dolls--I am much more likely to sew for them if I can move them around easily! The feet are silly (the toes are very pointed and fairy like) but they work well. They are also magnet feet, as are the hands--so I need to order some Resinsoul jointed hands to replace the hands, as they tend to fall off. Also Iris needs to hold a pen. But now she can see!  Rosaline sent me the whole box and certificate, and I have to say that Fairyland does a very nice presentation with their dolls as far a packing them securely and attractively!

Also here is an almost weightless Fairyland girl--minifee sized but on the Moe body. I am still working on her faceup:

And I have finally found my Seian a wig that fits. That girl has a huge size 9 head:

And yes, now she needs clothes :D

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