Ashley Goes For A Walk

I bought a Dollmore doll body from Solen on Den of Angels (a very nice transaction) and she included this adorable stretch dress and bolero as a gift! Though it's sized for the larger Dollmore body, like most Dollmore clothes it has a lot of stretch so you can fit it on lots of people. Including Ashley, my pyromancer (a Soom Snow White). So just for fun, I did a mini-photoshoot yesterday afternoon before the thunderstorms came in.

After the winter, it's soooo green! All the rain has made the weeds lush. Most of my weeds are interesting and fun (though there is some poison sumac mixed in there--I have to keep an eye out for "leaves of three" when I weed). Here are some New England Asters. (I would buy these):

Where I have some rotting timbers, I have this low creeper--maybe Spurge?

I have some black raspberries that should be ripe in just a couple of days, so I will have something to put on my cereal. They look good now, but they aren't ripe until they are almost purple-black.

I still have some wild grape to get rid of, and the perennial thistles, but mostly the garden looks good:

Ashley probably thinks a small lava stream would jazz it up. I disagree. We definitely have more rain coming!