Friday, June 8, 2018

Carol the Fairy

Not surprisingly, she lives at Fairyland! And she has a wonderful fullset. Alas there will only be 100 of her, so I am saving "mine" for a friend :D Also there is the practical problem of no room--I need to see if I can colonize the guest room or otherwise move things around, because I have nowhere for my shoes or my sheets to live right now, and the boxes in the basement are starting to get annoying.
More pix:

Them shoes!!! She is the FL 60 size, not the taller 65 cm like Angela, Seian and Chloe. The 60 body is easier to carry and pose, IMO. (I still love those tall girls, though).

And that is such a glorious magical wand. If I was at Hogwarts, I want that one, not a boring stick :D
(Yes, I would be the Elle Woods of Hogwarts).

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