Light Limner's 50% Off Head Sale

For some reason, Light Limner has a few heads kicking around their Etsy, and because it is summer, there is a sale. A 50% off sale! But you need to hurry, because between Arekushia and I we have alread sucked up three heads. Here is what is left tonight:

Here is what you need to know about the Light Limner heads--they are fairly small (think Elfdoll). They are designed to go on the somewhat unsatisfactory 58 cm Light Limner body, which is actually a little hard to find photos of (I think I had to google it last time Connie was on sale). I have not only ordered a Connie head, I also sold a doll in order to buy a Dollmore body for her; though the size may be odd since the Dollmore girls are tall. The thing is,the Dollmore body has a fairly small neck, and that may work out well for a smaller head. If not, there is always Mirodoll to the rescue for an inexpensive body.

 Once she arrives I will put her together and see how it looks.