Dollshe Amanda Beauty Sale

Yes, the summer sales continue! Mr. Dollshe is doing a sale of Amanda beauty at 510.00 for the Basic Beauty instead of the 700 something you would usually pay for her. Here is the sales page--it's just for one more week (there is a counter on the side), and limited to ten dolls. Some details:

I find the quality is amazing with the two Dollshe dolls I have had here--that is probably why shipping takes so long, though the Grant Phillipe I got two summers ago came in 50 days. He was just perfect in casting, finishing and presentation-- and I would have kept him, but he was also the size and weight of a small refrigerator. The Erica Snow I have now is much more manageable, though her head is a little small proportionally to her body. I see that the notes for Amanda say her head is a little larger now. You should go look at the sales page just to see the 3d printed masters (still not completely sanded) and how the teeth fit in the head (they are removable). Amanda needs a really good faceup to look beautiful and not derpy, though the sleeping head is just gorgeous as is. (SDink painted the Amanda on the sales page, look how she shaped Amanda's lower lip with paint.

 I am actually tempted, but realistically I can't afford her--my car is having a Spa Day at the shop because it was drooling something on the garage floor, and I am expecting a really hefty bill when I go pick it up since there was a long laundry list of Things To Be Done when I left it there this morning.

Oh, I was poking around for the color chart and today Dollshe has a sale on a "classic mini" which I did not even know they had. He looks pretty cool, he's small idealian size, 55 cm tall: