A Cuprit in Bronze (Human version)

Safir on Den of Angels has started a petition (with Soom's permission, I think they want to see how many want to buy one) for Soom to create a Bronze version of Cuprit. They did maybe.. two.. of the fantasy version in the Free Choice Event a couple of years ago, but no human ones, so it's an unfilled slot for the people who collect Cuprits. And she would be so pretty, too! Bronze is a very successful resin color for Soom, it doesn't seem to fade a lot and it makes the sculpts look great. Here is the link for the petition:

Bronze Cuprit Petition

Also, safir gave me permission to show you her own Doria, Carmen:

I am always so amazed at how different the same sculpt can look depending on the artist. Safir's Deviant Art gallery is a lot of fun--she also has a human cuprit, and I will show you just a teaser so you will go look at her gallery and see the whole dress, which Safir designed and sewed herself. She is so talented!

Safir/Sherimi's Deviant Art Gallery