I am always amused by what sewing machine manufacturers think we do while we are sewing. We do not usually look perky, like the stock photo girl above. I often look like this:

More generally, I have this clueless but intent expression:

Or sometimes there is the "WTF is this pattern piece" expression:

But mostly, sewing, (especially for dolls) is pretty fun.


  1. Hear hear! Particularly about being clueless but intent.

    I hand sew, because I have no machine. I have this tiny, irrational hope that maybe if I do get a machine, I'll look more like the perky ad girl and less like a grumpy otter. But knowing me, I'll end up looking like a murderous troll if I did get my hands on one. lol *doesn't know the first thing about sewing machines, other than pushing the pedal makes it go*

  2. It's really easy to sew your sleeve into what you are working on. Also with doll stuff, things tend to disappear down the bobbin pit, so I end up doing a lot of hand sewing, too--though I often act as the pincushion. I try not to bleed on things. :D

  3. What wonderful photos to illustrate the true feelings when sewing. I usually resemble the second photo but then most folks would if the sewed like I do...;)

  4. I think you probably sew fine--when I did Davon's coat I sewed one sleeve on upside down THREE TIMES. In a row. It was definitely a Grr Otter night for that one.


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