Cover Snip

I'm struggling a bit with this one, which is why I cut a small section out to look at it--and right away I see a light patch under "Prince Chris's" eye I need to fix--and some places on his hair that need work. I've been constrained on this one by the fact that it needs to look like the previous covers, which were pretty loose in style and done with what looks like actual watercolor (!). It's a lot different than my own style, and for some reason my brain forgot that these guys needed to look "androgynous"..which is much harder than you would think, because guys look like guys unless you radically shift them, and then they look sort of ...uncanny. Now I could paint you a fun drag queen, but it would look like a guy in drag, or I could accidentally get that effect by painting say, Gwen Stephani (it's actually harder to paint women than men, imo). But when you are given Chris Hemsworth, there is really no easy way to make him look gender neutral.