I Buy a Wig With Soom Points

Over the years I have gotten a few points from each purchase I have made at Soom, and they have gradually built up...I didn't want to just leave them there, but since it's a small amount of money it would not pay for much..and then I realized it would pay for shipping :D. So I went ahead and bought a wig that I might have dragged around Ebay or Facets by Marcia for--it's the same wig that my Granado Xavier is wearing, and I wanted to have a second one in case of cat-related accidents.

I need to be smarter about shipping--either to start joining group orders for things like shoes and eyes, or save up a large order to make the shipping worthwhile. The problem with Soom is that their clothes go fast--their suppliers (despite the clothing being supposedly offered "BiWeekly") send Soom clothing "when they feel like it." Some of the clothing sets are quite beautiful, but they are a good fraction of what a doll cost..and I can't quite bring myself to pay that much for a tiny, tiny gown I can't fit into myself. Amusingly, I would not pay 120.00 for an item of clothing for me unless it was a winter coat.