Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pattern Experiment

Someone (I think it might have been Pegapup) told me that the set of pattern drawings (in the instruction sheets) on commercial patterns is to scale, and if you scan them and scale them up about ten times, they will be close to Super Dollfie size. I need to make the same coat for "Captain Davon" that I did for J, but of course the scale of the pattern I have is too big, since it's for a human (Simplicity 0857_Halloween). So I went ahead and scanned the instruction sheet, sized it up by ten, and then laboriously selected printable sections in Photoshop, and printed them out and taped the pieces together. I was encouraged that the pattern pieces do indeed seem to fit together:

Here I did some alterations--I added seam allowance around the edges of the pieces, and as the Granado dolls are tall, I lengthened the coat and the sleeves, and I added the lapels and the extra cuff piece that is on the Royal Navy uniforms for a captain. I still need to figure out how to add a standing collar to my altered pattern, and I need to cut the patch pockets (though the flap is cut out).

Still a long way to go... and I am not looking forward to the buttonholes. :o At least my doll now has stockings, with heels I had to stitch in by hand (they look very sloppy, it's a good thing they will be in shoes.)

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