Thursday, June 27, 2013

AnnTaylor's Dolls, a Bun and a Bed

It seems like every day now, I have to escort a bunny or a chipmunk out of the house. The bunnies are more fun, since they can be just picked up (with gloves, to be safe) and carried to the brush pile.

We went to Naperville yesterday to get some kind of dinner, and in walking around I found where Ann Taylor keeps her dolls. They look sort of bored, though:

(The red reflections are the seahorses on my shirt). It makes me wonder if they have boxes of rolling heads stashed somewhere, too.:D Also there was a very elegant outside bedroom, which I found surprising as it has rained every day this week so far, including a Burmese-like downpour. Either the blankets are wet-- or someone from the design store runs in and out all day, adjusting the display.

Blogger has once again pranked me with the photo sizing; why no preview size, Blogger? I had to manually enter this: height="300" width="400". :p

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