Blackhawk Blackout

We went out last night after the storm to find ice cream. The power was out at a couple of local traffic lights, and the homemade ice cream place was dark. But Target has ice cream, and the lights were on there. It was also deserted except for the people who worked there, so I asked a random clerk what the score was (I did not need to specify the score to what) and they said the score was 1/1 . If you want to shop in Chicago, hockey playoff season is a good time to go. We got our groceries (and ice cream) and came home to find that almost everywhere around us was dark, but people were setting off fireworks anyway, so I assume that the Blackhawks did indeed win the Stanley Cup in Boston. Our house is in the lee of one of the only hills around here, so we didn't flood last time and it looks like we were sheltered from the worst of the wind this time--the other side of the hill is a mess of fallen branches. Judging by the sound of the generator across the street, ComEd still hasn't been able to get the power back on over there. I turned off my AC to take some pressure off the grid, since it looks like another storm is coming in. Luckily yesterday I saved my work every few minutes, so when the power did flicker I didn't lose anything. A power outage in the summer is no big deal, but in the winter at 1 degree F it could be a problem.