Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dusk the Poser Guy

I have been trying to bang out another product this week between Christmas shopping and packing stuff to ship, and I wanted to check the scale of the floor design with a Poser figure. I have had Dusk (designed by Hive Wire.com) sitting around on my hard drive since I downloaded him, and I thought this would be a good time to check him out. Normally I use one of the Daz.com figures, Michael 4, if I need guys. So I loaded Dusk up-- and because I was more interested in the floor and his scale versus the floor, I didn't really look up at him until he was facing away from me. And of course he comes with no clothes. And I was thinking: "Wow, this guy looks great"..and then I moved the camera around to the front and discovered Genitals Not Included (awww) and..his face. Oh dear. It's not that it's super bad, there is just something not right about where his eyes sit in his face. On people you can see the larger hole of the skull surrounding the eye area, and Dusk does have the nose and brow bones right, but the area between the eye and the cheekbone just isn't quite where it should be. Also his eyes are a tad close together.

But that is all the bad news--the good news is that his hands are amazing and he bends beautifully--better than Michael 4 by a long way. And I did take him into Argile (A French modelling program that is very Poser-friendly) briefly to sort of pat down the cheekbones a little at the top. Somewhere in here I think I have an add-on set of head adjustment morphs for him that might fix him up, too.

(He's wearing a dynamic bathrobe for Michael4 with his arms stuffed through the sides of the top, in case you were wondering). My friend Janet (parrotdolphin) made that beautiful texture on the robe. But now I have to stop playing with him and work on the floors some more.

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