Souldoll Fairy Junia

Souldoll continues with their "Fairy Story," with another cutie pie--this time a faun with feather wings and green horns. I'm not wild about the green horns (I don't know why, it's a pretty color, and both Christmas-appropriate and foresty), but the rest of Miss Junia is about as adorable as can be--look at the human and elf ear heads:

Especially the human version (Awww) which you can get as a "gift head" in the same resin color as the elf or animal head, and you can pay to have the head painted as well. Here's her little feets:

I'm not sure she can stand on those feet, but I am not sure I care--there is so much sparkle and trim and heart eyes going on there, it might not matter. These little msd fairies are awesome. (I know first-hand that the human bodies are wonderful). Here's her page so you can peek too:

Souldoll Junia