Saturn at Granado

Ikaru, Granado's rep, says that Saturn "will be a big doll" and you can kind of see it in the prototype. His name also reminds me that when we went to the post office for the second time today (there was too much for one trip) and it was very busy, I just told J to "Park on the moon." and he said "Nah, I'll just park next to Saturn, here." and he did indeed park right in front of a blue Saturn. We are almost done with Christmas shipping (we thought we had lost a couple of radio-controlled tanks, we thought somewhere in the house; but it turned out they were still at the counter at Office Depot and we had brought home only half of the stuff. Those still need to be wrapped and shipped and the box is..large.) Sadly, the high ticket item from my visits to Office Depot were not radio-controlled tanks, but two printer cartridges for my printer.

And it turns out that it was a good thing I bought them, because I happened to check this morning when my car registration would expire, it turns out I have been driving around for 18 days with an expired registration--the State of Illinois, having no budget, has stopped sending out paper renewal forms. Lord help you if you didn't save the "pin" on your registration form, or worse yet, don't have a computer or PayPal to renew your registration online and print your own registration out until the Motor Vehicle Department gets around to mailing you your "real" registration. So I am legal again, but really. Of course nowhere was there a mention of "inspections" so I am just going to wait until they tell me I need one before I do anything about it.