Monday, December 21, 2015

Angell-Studio Claudia

This little cutie and several others are being re-released for Christmas by Angell-Studio. The notice is here. You can buy in the US from Angell-Studio's agent Mint on Card as well, but I would be tempted by Angell Studio's nice wigs and outfits--which may be harder to get through MOC, so it's a tough call. In person the AS dolls are really wonderful--the photos tend to flatten them a bit, and AS does very nice faceups as well.

Ive been trying to texture a Poser dress today, with mixed results--the straps are wiggly and small on the template, so I have left them solid so far, but they do look nice with a pattern on them--assuming I can get the pattern to sit right on the strap! (It's one long continuous loop of digital mesh).

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