Christmas Shipping

Every year, around the 15th of December or so, it suddenly dawns on me that Christmas is about to happen and I need to do something about it. While I live in the middle of the country, my extended family is on either coast, which complicates Christmas somewhat, as everything has to go in the mail to reach them. In the past, I have done things like gift cards and magazine subscriptions and 3rd party candy companies; but every three or four years I really just want to go out and shop for people instead of looking at catalogs or pressing buttons.

This would work better if I started in August, and when I lived in New Jersey there were craft fairs I would go to in the summer and fall and that is where everyone got their gifts, whether it was appropriate or not. The problem is every year I find something really awesome for one or two people, OK things for most people, and pretty lame things for a few unlucky people. There are some people, like my parents, who deserve a fully loaded BMW with a accompanying driver named Hans and a small vacation mansion or two in Antigua and Costa Rica as gifts, but until I win the lottery, they usually get mugs and candy or other consumables-- or practical, unexciting gifts like towels. So this year I went shopping and bought unexciting, practical things that need to be wrapped and put in boxes, and my wrapping skill are not that great. I can wrap a plain square box like a boss, but most of the things I buy are weird shapes. As for shipping boxes, there is always the one item that refuses to fit in any box I have, so it needs some kind of jury-rigging to get it in the mail. The mail clerks are not at their best this time of year either--I am sure that when I bring in this thing to the Post Office tomorrow, they are going to ask me how I want to ship it.

And, speaking of boxes, the virtual ones were accepted and are now on sale at, and there was great rejoicing. I think this little box is going Air Mail.

You can also buy those wings for your virtual angels at, they are by my friend Prae, who also loves ball-jointed dolls.


  1. This post was a super gift all by itself. Thank you.

    1. Aww, you are so welcome but I am afraid you can guess what you are getting for Christmas! (Hint: not a mansion..again) Illinois wasn't paying the lottery winners anyway these last few months, so I guess we will have to wait a bit :D


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