A Doe, a Deer

Apparently everyone in the US buys their Christmas decorations in November, because by the time J and I start vaguely thinking of maybe buying a few lights or a tree, they are all gone. I've had a stag light-up deer for a year now, and he's been fun (he was up all last winter, partly because he froze to the ground, but also because he is cute and not exclusively a Christmas ornament.) But I have always thought it would be nice to have at least one more deer, so we wandered down to Home Depot this evening, and there was the other half of the set--but all the deer had been bought except for the floor model, so we bought the floor model doe. She lights up fine, too.

If I was really enterprising I would buy a spool of 12 gauge wire and make a couple more does to live further down the hill, but so far that has only been an idea.

We still are kind of doing Thanksgiving, too:


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