The Soom Beryl Wig

I have been sort of down on Soom for the last three months because this wig (and Cat's as well) wasn't shipped..and wasn't shipped...and customer service was unhelpful, to put it diplomatically; and that whole Grey Beryl release was just so weird and disorganized..and now at last comes the wig and it is every bit as splendid as the photos on the Soom site suggested--my pictures don't show it, but it's 3 different shades of peach and rose blended together, lots of hair and a nice, non-staining wig cap. It is quite magnificent.


  1. Wow! She is beautiful, and that wig!!!!

    1. Thank you so much--I really love this girl and she doesn't get played with enough! I need to talk to you about putting a faceup on Mr Octavius, too :D

    2. I'll be here for you :D and if we don't get to chat before then, Merry Christmas!


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