Granado Holiday Event

If you missed out on Kortes (shown here) now is your chance to grab him--he looks like he would be perfect on the slim Lads body. Alas, I won't be getting anyone--I have NO room and also I am not really interested in the big Evol body that is the other choice for males at Granado at the moment. But as of right now you can order the Evol Mars, and Uranus, and Venus, Kortes,Pancho, Mick, and the big Titan guys Awin and Nico and V06. The sale runs through to Jan 5th.

The only other doll news I have, is that I received a shipping notice for an Impldoll girl I ordered last summer! (I think she got forgotten because the Facebook head event happened soon after, and Impldoll was very, very busy). I also ordered some wigs with her and that often is a problem if the wigs need to be restocked. I ordered her for a body I no longer need, which is fine since I bought her head as well, on the basis if one is ordering a body and wigs it is silly not to get a head, as you are already paying so much for the EMS.

Other than that, it's been just me grinding away in Photoshop, making boxes--I made one last night that is both sort of ugly and sort of cool, and I learned how to do some neat stuff when using photo reference--I take a lot of my own photos, and clip out the bits I want for these boxes and add them in layers to give them a little more interest--but it turns out that if you put each piece on it's own layer, and add a drop shadow under each one, it starts to look really dimensional. Also you can take a vague photo shape and use the Liquify filter to get a nice curvy abstract shape that is hard to freehand draw in Photoshop (it doesn't really like to draw curves since it "thinks" in tiny pixel blocks.) Then you can take these shapes to build up more shapes and structures. Here's the lid of the box that I made out of watch parts and some other odds and ends, including a fractal base by Joe Walsh that I have been hoarding for ages to use for something. (The fractal set is called TechoupageX from 2005 and it might still be lurking in the Renderosity. com Free Stuff pages.)

(And yes, the box glows in the dark) :D.