Christopher Doll Makes a Model of Moya

Christopher Doll is an artist and designer, and a pretty great modeller as well--he decided he loved the sentient ship in Farscape and wanted to build his own small version, so he did. It's pretty amazing to see him put it together, and he went through all the steps here:

Check out how it all began:

Then, with some patience and careful drawing, he got to this stage:

Then more magic (I will make you go visit his website to see the details) he came to this point:

And THEN he cast his creation!

And here it is painted up!

He actually had the kit for sale for a while, until Farscape told him to stop it (I think there may still be a link to where they were previously sold on the tutorial) but just the fact that he was able to make one is like sorcery, even when you see it all step by step.

He does really nice astro art, too. :D


  1. I think legally, just like a seamstress or tailor, he can make the ship one per customer as custom order but kits are a licensing thing.

    I wonder if there's an Andromeda Ascendant out there.


    1. I think the problem was it was SUPER POPULAR hehe! You should do a google search for Andromeda. I'm always amazed at what Google can dig up!


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