The Rest of the Contest Photos

I took a LOT of photos. One of the things I did was to put the photos in a folder, and come back the next day and look at them again as thumbnails; then I waited 3 or 4 more days and looked at them again full sized. This way I was a little more objective in sorting. I figured I would do 4 photos that were more "client oriented", as if I were doing promo pix, and then allow myself one personal fave, no matter how stupid :D. This was my personal one, even though it's really a snapshot and the items in it are not all to scale:

In the other Mads/Teodore one I submitted, I was careful to hide most of the non-granado hands as well as I could (I think the hand is the weakest part of the top photo here):

The one I entered of Sidonia (Ami) made me worry the most--a lot of her is the Soom Cyborg body, not the Granado Nuevo body, and as a company I wouldn't want the competitor's body featuring prominently in a photo--so I ended up making the photo monochrome to sort of blend the body with the background, and make her face the important part. The focus wasn't quite perfect either; a larger lens would have helped:

This is the darker one of Ereshkigal that I entered:

Finally here are ones that got cut for various reasons--another one of Ami and the cardboard prop:

Ami and a water bottle and a painting:

Ami and the Christmas lights and prop:

Julian and the prop:

(there is a cat hair in there I could not get rid of, and the slurpee cup was pretty obvious.) Here's one more of Ami,with her face not lit enough, flyaways and the slight grittiness of her lip makeup obvious in this light, and some of the set looks a bit cheesy (I would have fixed that in photoshop):

Altogether I built 3 sets, and took about 150 photos. I'm looking forward to next year. :D