Wefts From Ulta

K and I were poking around Ulta and I saw these furry things in the hair section--they are sold to be used like hair scrunchies, and come in brown and blonde (several shades of blonde, in fact). They are 15.00 before tax and I thought maybe I could make a doll wig from them, as they are basically just some wefts stitched together around a core of elastic cord. I felt around the circle of "hair" until I found where it was all sewed into a circle and I cut the elastic:

And then I pulled out the elastic that pulled it together, and it got a lot longer :D

I then clipped that into three pieces just to make it easier to manage, and brushed it out over a wet washcloth. I ironed it as well, but that seemed to do nothing; the fiber is probably heat-resistant. Here's the brushed and the unbrushed sections:

Here's what I finally ended up with:

It turns out that the two sections at the bottom are actually double wefts stitched together--at the top you can see where I separated one into the original thickness. I might take the other two apart as well--I still have to sew a headcap and then play with them and see how easy it is to make a size 8 wig with this stuff. If it seems fairly easy I might go back and buy a blonde hair puff as well to pull apart. I know you can order these wefts off of the Internet but it's always nicer to buy something that you can see in person. The hair itself is nice--it feels just like the stuff they make Leeke wigs out of--a little stiff and very shiny, not quite as soft as the Monique wigs.


  1. Awesome hunter gathering skills! When I think of all the times I've just looked at those things and shuddered, pre-Doll Era.

    Halloween shops after halloween are like Fileens basement for wigs and eyelashes.


    1. I know, I have had so much fun with goofy wigs from Party City--wild colors and it's all pre-wefted AND dirt cheap! (Labor not included).:D I'm still looking for white eyelashes I don't have to buy from across the Pacific, too.


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