Laminate Flooring Gets Installed

Eric came today to set down the laminate floor. This is what was original to the house--sort of a faux stone stuff with pecan-colored panelling--sort of Flintstones Meets Mad Men aesthetic, which is not mine. The first step was to level the floor so that there would be no bowing pressure on the laminate as we walked on it. It was so humid (it actually rained for an hour) the the grout stuff did not want to set up. Here are the two spots it was used:

All the vents had to come off and Eric pulled up the thresholds, which had I been thinking, I would have bought new nicer wooden ones. Since they are on top, I may be able to do this later.

The poor couch. I was planning on getting it reupholstered anyway, structurally it is in good shape.

Here's the view across the dining room:

Stripey thinks this is all a bad idea:

Finally by 5 o'clock it's quiet again and she can go see what on earth is in the living room, and sniff the couch.

It's looking very good so far--unfortunately it means that it is making the old vents look even shabbier and the lack of moldings is really noticable. Once the curtains are back up, that will help.


  1. That's going to be gorgeous! You picked a really nice color.

    1. Thank you! Though it's actually a little pinker than I expected--it doesn't match the dining room table much but on the other hand it matches better than plywood. It was the lightest color of the commercial laminate I could find easily. Apparently it's very tough --but you can't let water sit on it, so the plants may have to live in the studio this year.

  2. Or you could get those clear plastic plant dishes they sell at garden centers! If you put some river rocks in them, you can create a little 'jungle'.

    When we got a new rug for the living room to protect the carpet, Tama refused to walk on the thing for a whole week. He would run into the room, find himself on it and fly straight up into the air and backwards in horror. Is Stripey walking on the furniture to stay off the 'strange surface'?


    1. She's actually been racing around on it, probably to better leave claw marks on it.:D The plants themselves tend to be well-behaved with water, the problem comes from me watering (I spill) and the fern's life goal is to drop as many leaves as possible.
      Tama is the cutest :D


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