Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Last January, when K was here, we discussed what the perfect bjd would be. In general, K's answer would be "any tiny cute thing", and mine would be "Huge princess Barbie I can sew for". We did find an overlap in the person of Tauriel. I would be the custodian of the large "Tauriel" bjd, and K could design clothes for her. Also, there was a good chance that once I had done a small version of a dress, I could take my expertise and scale it up for Cosplay Elf K. So I looked around. Originally I thought maybe an Iplehouse girl would work, but Marilyn (Iplehouse Jessica) seemed vaguely resentful of the project and I wanted someone who could sit around in half-finished clothes but in persona all the time, and who I wouldn't be petrified of sticking a pin into. And just at the same time Impldoll had a new series of Looks Like Elves dolls (My minty Midshipman Christopher Kipling is from that series as well, which is why he has elf ears. The Minty color is due to his first owner, Fush; who really wanted Avatar Blue, so Fush got him for free, and I got him for Extremely Reasonable). So I ordered Azalea, with Elf Ears, and for some reason clicked the Faceup option as I was filling her form out.

Then weeks went by... I was afraid my order had slid through the cracks, but no, it was the faceup--the weather was cold and wet, and then hot and wet, and the artist was really busy, but Impldoll was great about answering each email so I didn't worry too much. Then a shipping notice! The tracking was messed up--it sat, apparently, for a week in Shengyang, and then suddenly this morning the doorbell rang and there was this oddly small package from Impldoll handed to me. Here is the package with Erzulie, who should be the same size as what is in the package:

At least Azalea's photo is on the package?

The package is full of stuff...maybe a doll?

OK a doll body for sure:

Yes! A realskin Idol body AND a head!! Woot!

And like every Impldoll I have had, she stands up perfectly!

Now, what are all these other goodies in here? There are eyes, nicer than the ones I had picked out for her before she came (the gift eyes are the ones on the left)

They were a little small, so I found the eyes on the right of the image in a box, and put them in Azaleas's head. Blue tack was provided as well:

This is just me putting the ribbon on before I put on her head--I do this with all my dolls so that I have a built-in puller.

Inside of her head:

And her head on! And that headcap fits exactly.

And with Wig No. 1, the Texas Debutante wig that Dragael was wearing (I really need to order, or make, two more red wigs).

Orz, so cute! Here's the "more Tauriel" wig, but I think she needs more "pouf" on top:

Impldoll also sent a wig! It's a gorgeous white one that looks like the ones Soom carries. Gideon immediately adopted it:

Also in the box was a guide to the size of all the dolls Impldoll makes, very handy:

And a small poster, that looks like the concept art for Azalea:

So I would say that she was totally worth the wait!

Of course now I need to figure out how to make this:

Oh, and Coriel is Corian/Tauriel since she is a resin elf. :D

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  1. What a lovely face. Impl is introducing some marvelous faces. The red wig works too.


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