The Floor is Done

Of course this does not count painting the trim or cutting and fitting the baseboard moldings, but it's better than plywood and Eric did a fab job putting it in--he even did a side job for me fixing the broken tiles in the kitchen on the edge that touched the laminate. All this means, unfortunately, is the living room/dining room is no longer available for human habitation :D Craft projects now have to happen in the studio, as they were meant to be, before we discovered how cold that room is in the winter. One of the things we need to do is be sure the ducts are not blocked/ closed before fall comes, and I need to get up in the attic and poke some insulation back down that the cable guy pulled up.

With all the rain, the garden (including the weeds) is growing like crazy:

Which reminds me I need to go cut broccoli before it starts to rain...


  1. The floor is beautiful! But craft projects are what laminate floors were designed for! When you can wipe up nail polish spills with no damage to the floor, what else could you possibly worry about :)

    1. Supposedly you can't get it very wet. I will still sew in there as soon as it gets cold :D


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