A Turkey

Yes, in my front yard...making the cat stare out the window in horrified fascination. It went over to my neighbor's yard and then crossed the street

No, I don't know why. :D

And here at home, I finally did something with the Ulta wefts I bought a month or so ago

I wanted to make Captain Aldwood a wig that wouldn't hang in his eyes and that I could pull back into a queue in the back. Here is the felt base I made-- thinking since it was white, he could wear it all the time without fear of staining his head, instead of having to sit bald in the closet:

This is his original wig, which hangs in his eyes-- and also the wig cap shows at the front:

So after about 4 hours of stitching weft sections down in rows, and making a not great looking side part, I managed to more or less duplicate the first wig--though his face does show more on this one. I found the synthetic wefts to be stiff, slippery and heavy and not willing to interleave or bend well, or be tied back at all.

The fibers are pretty, but not good if you want to shape them at all. But now he has 2 wigs and I will be making him another once I can find some suitable roving or yarn.


  1. Lovely bird! We get pheasants around here bigger than turkeys when the wind really blows, they get blown out of their territories.

    Great job on the wig!


    1. Thank you! I need to make more :o Pheasants are so pretty--I've only seen them in Idaho, though--you must be up closer to the edge of the mountains than I was when I lived in LA. In Idaho they LOVED the wheat fields.


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