Pleione is a Soom Cass that I bought from another Den of Angels member-- I think every time one of us moves, we pass dolls around. She came unpainted, and while this faceup is OK, the lower eyelashes could be better. The upper ones are from Mint on Card and I am very happy with them. The Cass mold can look like so many different people-- it's such a beautiful, classic face. I also did her toes:

She will have a little teal silk ruffle around her ankles to look sort of finny, and to match her arms:

Her wig is temporary until I can find a two-toned pink and blue one, or make one. One of the cool things about her, is Arekushia (her previous owner) got her box autographed at Doll North for me (!)

The box reminds me of the sky this evening:

The cat also sat and watched me string her most of the day (Pleione is now all wired and sueded, and stands unaided) I'm so happy to have her!

One last bonus cloud pic:


  1. That fabric makes Stripey look good! Have you ever noticed how cats do that? Find something that makes them look good to hang around on?

    Pleione does have a nice face, I'm surprised she's a Soom, they always seem so pouty to me. LOVE her hands! She's fabulous with your ships crew. Does she follow and torment them with her singing, or is she a well behaved Mer-Lady?


    1. I find that Stripey blends with a lot of things--I tend to step on her when she is on the carpet, especially if I have been on the computer and I am not wearing my distance glasses.
      Pleione was made I think by a sculptor who no longer works at soom--they did Amber and some of the older md's so th elook is different. Pleione is actually a Greek sea goddess, patroness of sailors, so I guess she is well-behaved? You can never tell with that crew ;D


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