Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Floor Arrives

This was the living room on Wednesday morning--I had managed to unload all the bookshelves and deposit the books in stacks all over the back of the house, and put the shelves in the hallway, and take apart the bed in the studio and drag it down to the basement. We've been living on plywood since we moved in--the carpet that was in the living room was beige shag carpet from the 80's and two little dogs had had their way with it, and there are still stains clear down to the plywood under the padding. Removing the carpet was the very first thing we did as new homeowners.

But then we sort of dithered about what to replace it with--tile might have been the best option, but it's hard and noisy and the floor "has a lot of movement" to quote Mike Pivar, who has supplied the carpet in the bedroom and will do the floor in the living room, and so far I am guessing the tile in the bath and whatever we end up putting in the basement. Eventually the plywood has started to break down from water dragged in and walking on it, so we finally had Mike order laminate for the floor, because supposedly you can even get cat barf off laminate easily. We also got commercial grade laminate, which should help. We are hard on floors. The laminate came Thursday and is the right stuff:

The cat does not approve of all this activity, which is why the chair hasn't been removed from the living room. Eric the installer will come all too early Monday to set it down.

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