Thursday, October 27, 2016

Random Thursday Photos

First up is a render I finished today, of gypsyangel's Marinda, now in the marketplace--she is for Genesis3, and is wearing a wild clothing set from Ignis Serpentus (at She reminds me of the old Bird Woman Magic card from the first MTG set. (I think Kaja Foglio did the art for that one)

And now Pumpkin Progress:

Not entirely green...and here is one of my little bee neighbors:

Here is the squashed box of the 2 pairs of new Soom Eyes--the "New Style" which look a lot like the old style, but they are very nice:
Luckily everything inside was fine:
I was hoping the Amber was more gold, and closer in color to the limited Benmore eyes; I found the "lost"  Benmore eye with the TV camera I have, but I can't reach it--it's under the built-in benches in the kitchen. I need to rig a net over the vaccuum hose and see if I can grab it that way. But I thought it would be way easier to just order clean new ones--but they are indeed a more reddish color.

And this last photo is just me thrashing a box in Wings3d--I downloaded it (it is free) today, and I am learning the hotkeys and commands, so I can make stuff. Even if it's just mangled boxes :D I really want to make a chair.

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