Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Taylor Swift and some cats

I was looking at this and thinking wow..that is a lot of cat litter. You might need to get Amazon's Subscription service for delivering cat litter and pet food, though apparently you need to sort of work around the high cost of refills for the blue crystals they carry. But Amazon reviews tell you all the secrets :D

I do have a bunch of new stuff to post--Amphibel has her human ears, thanks to Arekushia, I just got the Soom eyes from the new styles they have (I got the ones that are shown in the little mermaids, in size 14mm) and I have those resinsoul hands I still need to put on Tabitha, my Granado Mercury. I have just been working like crazy to finish up AEgir the consort of Ran (we joke that he looks like Mermaid Jesus), and totally by coincidence I am supposed to be doing a new set of backgrounds  set on a hypothetical planet of Epsilon Eridani...who strangely enough, has the official name of Ran-- and the Jupiter-like planet that orbits Ran is called..AEgir.

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