Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Alberta at Impldoll

Her outfit is not the best, but her head sculpt is beautiful--Akutenshi spotted her this morning on the Impldoll site. She isn't on Alice's Collections yet or Mint on Card (she is from a subset called Black and White), so if you have trouble loading the Impldoll site, you can keep an eye on those outlets instead. She is the same price as most of the Idols, 330.00 blank if you order directly, probably 380.00 from a dealer, and without extras. I wish I liked the posing of the Impl girl bodies more--they are wonderfully tall and stand very well, but sitting and quality control are often an issue. If you get the heads alone, the neck hole is rather large for most standard bodies and needs some modding, but a bit small for Iplehouse bodies. I am still very tempted to get her head alone.
Here is the direct link--it is not an https site so go at your own risk:

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