Saturday, October 29, 2016

AEgir and a Beer Mug

So AEgir is done, and his large version is over at Ganglieri's Grove/ Wyrd Curiosities; we joked that he looks like "Merman Jesus", but that is what made him fun to do. He just took far longer than he should have--3000 pixels tall and 2400 wide is a lot of pixels.

I also have been wrestling with Wings3D, which is a free modelling program, and probably one of the easier ones to use, though I have had to repeatedly google how to do things like "move the camera" (you use the hotkey "U", along with the arrow keys), and I am discovering that Wings (and maybe all modelling programs) really don't like to delete things. Wings will happily add all kinds of sudden and mysterious things (I use "Undo" a lot), but then only grudgingly delete far the only command I have found that works is "hole" after you select a face, and even that doesn't work too well. I have made a chair out of two cubes, a broken Xerox machine out of a cube, and finally a wooden tankard/ Beer Mug out of a cylinder and a torus. (I was trying to make an oil drum..I am still not quite sure how to make the little bump-outs on the top, bottom and sides of the drum.) I managed to UV map the mug 2 different ways, both badly, and the axis of rotation and the center point of the mug is in the wrong place; so if you try to rotate it, it doesn't rotate cleanly. And for some reason the handle, which is a nightmare of broken polygons inside the mug, textured really well.

The bottom of the mug is a disaster for texturing too, but I am not quite sure how to both split the maps and retexture the different parts of the mug; I did discover that "Tile" in UV mapper will put the grid maps of the separate parts of the model side by side instead of on top of each other, which is good. :o  I have no explanation for why the rim of the mug is untextured..maybe I missed it when I was filling in the map.

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