Friday, October 7, 2016

New Cover/ The Otherness Factor

It's for a upcoming book, The Otherness Factor by Arlene Marks, published by Edge-Tesseract, and the book sounds very good--I need to actually buy the first book in the series so I can catch up.  This is a cover with a 3d undercoat and tons of Photoshop painting on top--this let me get it done and clean in about 5 days, though they were full days. Ixbeth, the scientist on the left, is actually the old V3 model with Akutenshi7 hands. Neither looks like the original.:D That's a variation on Pixeluna's Angelie on the right, too, used with her permission. Pixeluna is as angelic as her namesake! (She sells products at Daz3d now if you want to check out her 3d character sets). Here is the base file for Lania:

(You can still see the embroidery and the collar in the final). Here is the early version/rough for Ixbeth, she wasn't catlike enough at this stage:

So I found this guy:

(He's got great fur). And here is Akutenshi's hand--I'm going to use this again, it's a great reference for subsurface scattering under the skin and I don't have to use my own left hand to see it!

Other bits and pieces were the SS Marcoor from Daz, which is actually a Poser product if you buy it--don't load it into Daz Studio because it won't render; it's on sale at Daz maybe because of this(?); and finally this photo from my files, though I have no clue where I found it:

Look at all those tasty lights and cables :D

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