Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Suddenly, Enoch

I was taking the trash out and I opened the door to find the mail carrier peering at this huge Granado box on the porch. Woot! The tracking hadn't updated, so I had assumed he was still chilling in a warehouse in Shanghai or something, but no! He's a big boy. Here are the toes peeking out of the package:
And more of him:
option hands!
Really bad photo--I like the brown but the wig itself is a little flat and messy, and I have some nicer black fur. We'll see if I can make something for him..the eyes are sculpey and not perfect either; I need to either order some new for him or sit down and really go through the eyes and find something nice for him.

A better, if slightly disapproving, photo of him:

Real clothes need to happen for him too. :D I am so happy with him in spite of my total lack of preparedness--he's absolutely gorgeous in person!
More pix:
New tabi toes! (Separated for sandals). And now with his Doll Bakery Eyes:

LOL still no clothes!


  1. How could you make him wear clothes?? He's a work of art!!

    1. At the rate I am sewing, he might be naked forever! Hehe! Enoch thanks you as well! :D


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