Monday, October 24, 2016

More of Bryan and Raphael

(Continued from yesterday) So here is their height difference standing, it's noticable. But sitting, they are almost the same height:
Huge difference in hand sizes--Raphael has huge hands:
Raphael has slightly, longer, narrower feet. His only stability flaw is that he needs some hot glue in his ankles so he wont slip forward--he's heavy on top so he wants to tilt forward:
He sits perfectly though--he doesn't want to fall over backwards like Bryan does. You can literally do anything with Raphael's arms and they stay--he has silicon beads cast into his shoulder wells, and they work amazingly well:
He kneels well too--he does have limited foot motion back and forth (he can't point his toes straight back) but he can turn them to the side if needed.
Side view:

I have a couple more but I will post them tomorrow! I have been working nonstop for two days and also doing yard work, so I am kind of fried.

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