Resinsoul Su

I was over on the Resinsoul site to order a purple "larger girl body"  for my Migma head (Tesla has been on a mismatched body for literally years), and I saw this pretty lady! She is on their standard 60 cm female body, which has sort of funky knees, but poses like a dream. Part of me wishes RS would rein in their enthusiasm for loooong elf ears, because it means that you need either custom wigs, or find wigs inexpensive enough you can clip open above the ears. (Otherwise wigs tend to just fall off). But they are cute. Here is Su made up to be a brunette:

Resinsoul often has such wonderful head sculpts. I buy from them directly, and I have always been very happy with their service. My favorite items are those Long bodies, the delicate little jointed hands (use the RS male hands for other companies' female dolls), and the fact that you can order individual parts by writing to the Q and A. They offer a rainbow of colors. If you are in the US and not confident about ordering directly, and want a whole doll, Denver Doll carries their dolls.

I also noticed this item when I was poking around the Denver Doll site:

It's a butterfly!! I assume there is a small neodymium magnet in the body. Looks like it comes unblushed, but what a great price! The doll shown is a little guy, sort of small msd sized.