Tatiana Two

The original Tatiana was a Soom Cuprit Soulmate in tawny, which I ended up selling because I got such a good offer for her. I have  regretted selling her since then; but unless she comes back on the market, it looks like this version will have to do--Tati Two is a Granado Gitana on a Maiden body, and she poses like a boss (she is standing there unsupported, and I was able to walk away to get my camera without worrying she would fall over.)

I have had her since last fall, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and paint her until today. It was warm enough that I wore sandals part of the day :D Here is a profile:

And here is another view:

Granado Gitana
As a faceup, it's kind of minimal (it looks better in person), but now she isn't blank and I can sew some things for her. Her feet are so small they fit almost all the girl shoes I have :D