Doll Stands

 I actually don't have that many stands--mostly my dolls sit in chairs or on the shelf, but I do have 4 big stands that I like, and that I use when I am doing sewing projects. The one above is a National Artcraft one I got from Ebay--it was a little dinged up so I covered it with terrycloth from an old towel. Not very decorative; but fine for storage and sewing. If you put it around a big doll's thigh, you can hide it under skirts, too. (Isley the Granado Venus/ Free Choice Vesuvia is a challenge with the tail--and she is heavy). Here is Cherry on a saddle-style stand:

This one was made by Chattybratty on ebay and was one of 4 or 5 that she made--I have this one and a larger one and they are my favorites--super sturdy and nice-looking. (I think she is on hiatus right now, normally she does mohair wigs I like too.)

(The metal eye on the back of the stand was meant for a lanyard--I have never used it--usually I just wrap a scrap of fabric around it.). Here is another shot of an Impldoll Idol on the other National Artcraft stand I have:

Poor Erzulie is headless so I won't damage her faceup while I work. She is one of the heaviest dolls I own, and the stand works fine--though I need to put some suede on the base, since her feet are slippery. Also, I want to cover the sharp edges of the metal upright there:

That would be my biggest complaint with these stands--they are very sturdy, but they do have a lot of sharp edges that can scratch a resin doll. Here you can see the size difference between Cherry and Erzulie:

The stand adjusts nicely to fit either of them.

 I still need to find matching hands for Cherry--Soom forgot to send her hands when Sharnofshade and I ordered her (Sharn took the original head), and when Soom replaced the hands they were I sold them. I really need my jointed hands all assembled ahead of time. :o (Soom only sells them as kits, alas).