So I am working on a landscape that I need for a 3d bundle, and also for a doll backdrop. I figured if I did it in real paint instead of digital paint, it would take about the same amount of time, and it would be fun--I haven't painted with acrylics on a flat surface in months. I am experimenting with painting on Foam-Core, the stuff you get for kid science projects and business presentations, and it's really nice to paint on--super smooth and light. You can get archival foam core (it's made by Elmers) from dickblick.com, but I am just using the stuff you get at Michael's. Since it's acrylic paint, it might even hold up for a while and not break down the foam underneath it (oil paints apparently melt the plastic foam center).

I use a tupperware palette with a wet paper towel in the bottom, and keep it in the fridge when I am not painting--the combination of wet and cold keeps the acrylic from polymerizing so it stays wet and fresh. (This is why house paint tells you to apply it when it is 50 or above--if it's too cold the acrylic won't set up properly. You can't keep the paint in the fridge for more than a week, though, or it gets moldy.

Anyway, foam core is really light, like I said, and I was using a bottle to keep the board from sliding forward when I painted. Then I just had a brain fart and picked up the bottle to clean a brush, and the painting slid forward and pushed the paint palette off the edge of the table, and of course it fell "butter side down". I took a knife and got up most of the paint right away, but I knew the pthalo blue was going to be a problem.

Pthalo blue has tiny, tiny pigment particles and it's both super stable, and really tenacious. You can see most of the other colors came up fine.

Haha look a monoprint! it's kind of awesome!

More monoprints and all the rags I used while mopping up. You can see the palette is fine--I just took everything into the kitchen and kept painting.

I did put a bit of cardboard under the rug so the laminate wont stain. Once the weather warms up I will take the carpet out and see if Soft Scrub will take up the rest of the color--I kind of doubt it, but the carpet was less than 20.00, and it could use a cleaning anyway.

PS now you see why we don't buy expensive furniture :D 


  1. If the paint won't come off, you might just put some more on the carpet - the color is nice with the beige and black! : )

    1. It's true--I could just dye the whole thing but I would need to do it in the tub and then there would be more collateral damage..but it would be fun :D

  2. Or just take the rug outside, put some paint on in artistic patches and soak the whole thing with the hose and let the paint bleed. Rinse and dry and enjoy your new rug (and blue lawn)!

    1. If I just wait long enough I could get a Jackson Pollock effect over it :D


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