Return to the Beadcave, and some Backgrounds

Yes, it's back to JBC beads! Akutenshi07 took this photo, and we spent quite a while there this time, though I still haven't really looked much at the jewelry findings. Mostly I poked through the sale section--I did go specifically to get some tiny swarovski beads, and once I found those, I just picked up things that I will find a use for later:

This gives you an idea of what the items on the sale table cost--I paid retail for them (what is on the tags) and they were still cheaper than JoAnns, with a lot of variety. These are all glass, though the ones at the top were possibly garnet--they were a bit more expensive. I also got a cloisonne bead and several tubes of Toho beads. I could buy Toho beads all day ;)
Chalyss sent me, among other things, two giant dollie backdrops that can be rolled up. I didn't have time to really set it up to try it on Friday, but I did pull out Coppersmith for scale and just plopped him down in front of the ship backdrop. Here is the first quickie image (the backdrop is thrown over the couch, not even put up so you can really see it cleanly:

Granado Xavier

It looks pretty fabulous-- and there is the scene when you step back!

Hehe! Once I have some time to really set up the back properly, I think it will be awesome. Here is Bubbles "underwater":

Soom Cass
Akutenshi says you can find them on Amazon--I am going to have to take a look. They roll up and are easy to store, too! Thank you, Chalyss! <3