Odds and Ends

J made dessert on Sunday--blueberries on lemon custard. It was as good as it looks. :D

I did some work, some boring housework, and glued pin backs to flowers with hot glue. The porcelain beads took the hot glue well, but the paper flowers just fell off again, so I will redo them later with a needle and thread. I was hoping to use the lightweight paper flowers for hair ornaments:

Granado Fayette
I also thought I could put Amber horns on Dierdre, but when I opened the box, the horn were Really Large-- I ended up trying them on Carissa:

Soom Cuprit SO
Even the horns I made for Carissa are a bit large:

So I may have to go back and make smaller sculpey ones for both of them.

I probably should paint the "dead guy" in the back, too :D


  1. Oh no I'm sorry they ended up being a bit larger than you wanted! I hope you can still find something neat to do with them!

    1. They are so pretty! I think one of the Soom Guys will get them, they are in scale with the taller SG boys. I don't regret having them at all :D Thank you again!


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