Ashley's Curlers

So here is Ashley, a Soom Snow White and my local pyromancer. I love her big red wig, but it's gotten a bit flat from first wearing a hat, and then, I am embarassed to say, having a pair of her upstairs shelf neighbor's feet planted on her head (so rude). So I wanted to give it a bit of curl again. I made some curlers out of rolled paper:

And then I found some very small bobby pins (I think they came from Target):

Then I got my fingertips wet and sort of petted the water into her hair (I didn't want to get it too wet or spray it, which probably is how it should be done). Then I rolled a "curler" in and put a bobby pin through it:

(That awesome fabric used to be a dress of Chalyss'; she sent me so many incredible things a while back, I am still working my way through them). More curlers:

Ashley is able to hold a couple of the curlers (dry ones) with her Resinsoul hands. I love those things.
After about 20 minutes I had the top of her head pretty well covered:

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Once they have sat for a while (probably about 6 hours) I will pull the pins and tease out what I hope will be curls, with a toothpick. Fingers crossed. :D If they are wimpy I will do the process again, but on a styrofoam ball and with a spray bottle to wet the hair. (Ashley is, understandably, not fond of water).

Aaaand we have curls!!!

It worked much better than I thought it would! I can even kind of move them around and style them!

(Eyes other dolls with mohair wigs):D


  1. Ashley's curls look great on her! Those bobby pins are awesome, the size is just perfect. I love the picture where Ashley holds a mirror :-). Ell

    1. I was so happy to find those! They work great to tame SD hair in general :D Thanks too--I was surprised Ashley was able to hold the mirror, it's sort of heavy, but she held her position perfectly!

  2. The mirror photo is the best - you are doing some very nice photography. Love looking thru your photos.

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy it. One of these days I will try to make a complete scene like your doll photos have!


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