Monday, March 27, 2017

New Fashion Iplehouse Dolls--Rex, Grace, Bichun

Iplehouse is working their way through their standards--even though the face sculpts are the same as the "big guys," the look is different on a small scale. Vermont Chick (As The Resin World Turns) has a couple of the guys and they look fantastic at her place--you should check out her blog (on the sidebar) and see what they look like out of the store. Bichun is a cutie on any scale but he is a lot more manageable in FID size than his original monster EID size. Clothes are a bit more challenging, though--there are some on the Iplehouse site and Vermont Chick has found some other sources for clothes, but I suspect they aren't as small as Tonner guys for clothing. Here's Tiny Grace:

I don't know if it's just the faceup or the larger eyes, but she looks a lot sweeter as a small doll than as a slightly scheming SID girl. There is also Mini Rex.

I am so impressed at the detail and quality of these little faceups!

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