Honey and Sparrow

So Gus123 on Den of Angels continues to clean out his collection, and he had a Cass head from Miss Ally, so I bought her. (Mermaids!) I don't have a "real"body for her, but I did have a Resinsoul Long boy body that Chalyss sent me, and to my amazement, the head fits great and looks pretty good--perfect resin match too! I strung her together and thought "I don't have a name for you.." then she dropped her flower, her boa and her wig all at once and I said "Oh, honey.." and then realized that was a great name for her. I've seen Cass painted up to look intelligent, but the base mold is full of adorable derp. Here you can see she is sort of lanky, but I think with a little padding she will be lovely:

Gus not only sent Honey's head, he sent some gorgeous enchanted doll eyes (which I have only seen in photos, they are fabulous) and a little tiny doll, small enough to be a doll's doll!

She was another of Miss Ally's dolls and a bit of a mystery, as there was no box for her. I have never seen shoes molded onto any of the tinies before! Gus thinks she might be an Elfdoll so I will need to google around and see. She is only 5.5 inches tall, look how big the SD shoes are next to her:

She's a fully ball jointed doll though--she has removable eyes..maybe 8 mm? and held together with the elastic you use to thread beads. I made her the little wig last night, though I think I need to make one using the glue method for her--sewing in the wool at that scale was challenging. Since she is sparrow sized, that is her name. I think Miss Ally made her outfit.

I also finished up the last of Bubble's painting--I have only painted her heel feet, and not her flat feet, but everything is embellished now except for her right wrist, because I wanted to make her some bead bracelets and they would peel off any painting that was under the bracelets.

Soom Cass
And after some googling I ended up on Den of Angels, and on there Alewife posted up a link to "The Wayback Machine" where you can look at sites that are no longer active on the web--and Sparrow is an Elfdoll, I think a "Mindelre Tiny Doll". The shoe feet are a puzzle--they fit perfectly, but they don't seem to be an option on the sales page; either they were from another tiny or they were some kind of limited edition I can't find.